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My name is Jessica; I’m a Vietnamese-American, born in New York, and raised in Kansas City, where I currently reside now! To be honest with you all, my first trip to Vietnam was when I was 9-years-old; my parents took me back to their hometown for the first time ever. At the time, I was not very fond of the experience, 9-year-old me, “ew, what’s that, I’m not trying that!” Fast forward 10-15 years later, “whoa, what’s that, let me try it!” It’s crazy how your mindset and worldview changes in a just decade. Today, TRAVEL is what motivates me to work so hard (to fund my explorations hihi). Today, I live for adventure and experience, and what better way to widen one’s horizon than traveling?! On this platform I’ll be blogging about my travels and adventures, recommending good foodies spots, and I’ll also be dabbling into my lifestyle (what I do/don’t do, what I use/don’t use). I value honesty and integrity; therefore, you’ll find transparency in my posts!

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